Mission Statement:
The Mission of Kingdom Impact Performing Arts Ministry is to provide an avenue of creative expression for those who have been blessed with a gift or who desire to learn more about praise and worship. We resolve to update, teach,enhance,encourage,motivate,uplift,promote and provide artists with the "word" from the Lord on their gift.
The purpose of Fine Arts is to give God the glory through all forms of expression. The ministry is designed to edify and encourage the body of Christ. It is through our ministries that we communicate with the Holy Spirit to usher people into his presence as the Lord sends his healing,salvation, deliverance, peace, joy, freedom of bondage and miracles for his people. The Arts should be done decently and in order and it should always be done with a purpose. Together let's lift Him up as we seek excellence in worshipping Christ in song, dance and other creative arts.
Our vision is to create an atmosphere where the Glory of God is tangible and where the Holy Spirit moves and leads; a place where God Himself dwells. Through a life of prayer and commitment to God, we will lead kingdom citizens into new dimensions of God in Worship.    1 Corinthians 14:15 says (I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also:  I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing the understanding). Psalms 150 expresses all the forms of our worship. We believe that those who experience our worship will be so impacted that worship will become a lifestyle that will bring Glory and Honor to God.
Contact: Elder Clara Hadley
23990 Old US20
Elkhart, IN. 46516
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*Morning Worship - 10:00am
*Morning Service - 11:00am
*Sunday Night Live Service 6pm/Live on 93.5 fm WKIL - 7pm
*Corporate Prayer - 6pm
*Lady Inside (Women's Ministry) 2nd and 4th Monday - 7pm
*His Image (Men's Ministry) 2nd and 4th  Monday -7pm
*Transformation Bible Study - 6:45pm




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